10 Ideas: Party Themes

These are party themes I would want to attend or maybe avoid.

  1. Paddleboard Lake: Meet in the lake on your paddleboard. Drink until someone falls off. –Hmm, on second thought, maybe some lifejackets would be needed and sober friends to look after the floating drunk.
  2. Her Majesty’s Secret Service: A James Bond inspired party with everyone dressing as a Bond character. Tuxedos, Yellow Drax Spacesuits, Jet Packs, the skies the limit. Bond themed drinks and of course a Bond montage playing in the background with Bond music playing.
  3. From the Office of the CEO: Dress and act as your favorite or least favorite CEO. Amaze everyone with your people skills as you tell the bartender their drink sucks and belittle them. Ask everyone for their wallets so you can go through them since nobody wants privacy anyways, right?
  4. Space The Final Frontier: Dress as a character from a favorite space/sci-fi movie. I mean come on, we don’t get enough Zed, Sean Connery, from Zardoz, Barbarella, or Buck Rogers favs Twiki or Colonel Wilma Deering do we?
  5. The Royal Tenenbaums: Preppy tennis player, matching red tracksuits, pinstripes, it’s got it all. Just try to not be as depressed as the Tenenbaums.
  6. I Am An Opera Singer: Come on, you know you’ve done it. Ok, then I have. You’ve sung Opera to your kids, in the shower, or driving the car. Let our voice shine on. Everyone must sing some of their favorite Opera or like me, made up Opera most of the time, to get a drink.
  7. Secret: Everyone writes down a secret on a piece of paper and puts it into a hat. Throughout the night a secret is drawn and read aloud. Then everyone must try to guess who’s secret that is.
  8. The Economist: Everyone comes with the most ridiculous piece they read in the Economist and must present and defend the ridiculous side. Everyone else gets to heckle…I mean argue the other side. I am thinking humorous debate club here.
  9. Favorite Song: Everyone sends in a favorite song, like something you grew up on, or something you love to listen to in the car on a long drive. That’s the night’s soundtrack. For extra points, try to guess who’s song it is.
  10. The Dead Poets Society: Bring a piece of poetry to read to the guests. If the guests are up for it, write a group poem in teams of 4. Vote on the best poem, naughtiest poem, sweetest poem, etc.

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